About Eugéne Naudé Photography

I am a Lifestyle Photographer. People has always been my passion. Whether it is a wedding or a studio shoot. If a moment is captured, it becomes a memory. Interaction is fun. I have the ability to create a special moment with humor and fun.

I have been a photographer as long as I can remember. From my early childhood I have seen everything in images. Whether it is a special moment captured or a nature scene, the visual always made more sense. “A picture is worth a thousand words”

Painting with light became a passion when I got my first film SLR camera; a Pentax K1000. Each picture was carefully planned because of the film and development costs. In those days there were not any auto focus and automatic (idiot mode) settings to make photography easy. Trail and error was an expensive hobby. This was the perfect way to learn photography.

Today I make use of Nikon’s very advanced i-TTL technology. Although still shooting in manual, photography is so much more user friendly. Now I can shoot an action shot at 11 frames a second and delete 99% to get that “perfect image”.

You can contact Eugéne Naudé @ 0832335675 to capture you and your family’s lifestyle memories

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